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360 Degree VR (Virtual Reality) Videos and Photos

360 degree videos and photos (scroll for photos below) see instructions below

These videos are  in 360 degrees. you can pan around  the view using a mouse on computer or move the cell phone’s ange (or use finger to pan) to see

different views. . Click full screen icon to see full screen on your cell phone.

If the video  looks stretched out (like a very wide angle shot)  on your Iphone, use the 360 degree you tube app on an I phone.

Or update the you tube AP on your cell phone. Some older cell phones will not show 360 degree view.

If it looks stretched out on your computer, just click the upper right 3 dot icon (within your browser like chrome) and go to advanced settings option.

The if “use hardware acceleration if available” is checked, then uncheck it, and save. If it is unchecked, than check it. and save

Checking or unchecking this icon will help play 360 degree videos.

To watch in 4K click on Gear(in lower right) and select 4K  by the lower right in you tube.

4K 360 degree Christian wedding at hall video 42 minutes on you tube

2.5K 360 degree Christian wedding video on Facebook

4K 360 degree Muslim ceremony and reception 49 minutes long

4K 360 degree Muslim wedding video 40 minutes long

360 degree sparkler exit end of wedding 4 minutes

360 degree wedding ceremony under a tent. 20 minutes real time

360 degree Catholic wedding ceremony and reception 15 minutes edited

HD 360 degree wedding video 4-30-16

360 degree photo of addison city hall Addison IL

360 degree photo of Mosque on North Ave Lombard IL

360 degree photo at Marriott Hoffman Estates

360 degree shot of bar.