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Scenic Locations for wedding Photos In Cook county suburbs Ill.



















Monument Park Rosemont

Monument Park waterfalls Rosemont Park District:Monument Park is on the NE corner of river road and Higgins road (Route 72) are the most popular suburban location. This artificial waterfall is made for the specific purpose of supplying a beautiful waterfall backdrop for the many wedding reception halls that surround O’Hare airport such a café ‘La Cave, Fountain Blue, and Rosewood banquets. These waterfalls even have the water colored blue the give a great looking photo that looks great in Chicago wedding pictures. There are several areas behind the waterfalls that feature some beautiful evergreen trees. This location requires a permit from the village of Rosemont it is $50 per half hour. There is a police officer there to make sure that you have a permit, they hopefully make sure there are not bystanders or crowds in your way when taking wedding pictures.Pros: Great looking waterfall photographs well, easy to get to. Located near O’Hare airport. Police make sure crowds don’t get in picture. Cons: Permit required and payment required, not as versatile as Community Park.


Community park Rosemont




Community Park waterfall

Community Park Is on Glen Lake & willow creek roads in Rosemont IL. (Behind the westin hotel) which is about 1/3 of a mile south west of the previously mentioned waterfalls on river road. This great location is more versatile than the other Rosemont location because it has a waterfall, a gazebo, pond with spray fountain and swans, a bridge, and it has beautiful flowers on a shady hill. It has plenty of shade, flowers, and a public washroom. Because of all these great things, it is one of my FAVORITE locations for Chicago wedding photos. The cost to shoot here is $50 per half hour. This location is not as often patrolled for people paying deposits as the one on Higgins. This is a place for Chicago wedding pictures!  Pros: Versatile spot has trees, flowers, pond, swans, gazebo, waterfall and lots of shade. Cons: Permit required $50 fee. Click here to see more photos.
























Schaumburg City Hall

Schaumburg city hall is located at 101 Schaumburg Il. It is near the corner of summit and east Schaumburg road in Schaumburg. This is one of chicagoland’s best and most versatile locations fpr wedding photo and videos. This free location features 2 bridges, Spray pond with swans, gazebo,  sculptures and plenty of shade from beautiful weeping willow trees. This area west of woodfield mall is awesome to visit. Pros: Shade, many locations with 2 great bridges, Free, weeping willows are great for poses. Cons: None except, since it is also a police station location, I would assume no alcohol would be advised for this great location.


Botanical Gardens Glencoe


Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are located at 1000 Lake Cook road in Glencoe IL. These gardens have it all, flowers, trees, scenic bridges, oriental gardens (a favorite), stairs for group shots, ponds and the beautiful Chicago river. Because there are both indoor and outdoor areas this place can be used rain or shine. One high note there is a beautiful evergreen hedge with marble sculptures that shows great depth. I have seen hundreds of wedding photos that use these beautiful 30 foot tall hedges. You need a permit to shoot here, it cost $125 for unlimited time and you can come on the day of the event. Pros: extremely versatile oriental gardens, shade, hedges, flowers and bridges make for a great variety of shots. Cons: permit required, EXPENSIVE! Click here and here to see more photos and

Wheeling Fountain on Dundee

Wheeling fountain on Dundee

The Wheeling fountain/Gazebo is located on the NE corner of Dundee (RTE 68) and Milwaukee (RTE 45) in wheeling IL. It has a cool looking limestone fountain, gazebo and flowers in a small area. This location has some shade under the gazebo, and it is easy to get to and it requires no permit. It is a great northwest Chicago wedding photo spots Pros: Great looking fountain requires no permit, easy to get to. Cons: no shade, buildings in background require careful composition to avoid getting in photos. Click here to see more photos

Bahi' Temple in Wilmette

Bahi’ Temple

Bahi’ Temple is located at 100 Linden ave. Wilmette IL. The Bahi’ temple is a beautiful building that has many pretty architecture innovations. It is the world’s largest poured concrete building. It makes for breathtaking backgrounds behind a bridal party. There are also a lot of flowers decorating the outside of the building. It is average for shade and a permit is not required. Pros: Beautiful backdrop, no permit required, pretty area near lake Michigan. Cons: not very versatile only a few shots you can do there, not much shade. Click here to see more photos.

North School Park Arlington Heights IL

North School Park fountain

North School Park is located on Eastman and Arlington Heights roads, in downtown Arlington Heights. It Features a 30-foot diameter fountain, fancy brickwork with flowers and gardens and a Veterans memorial. I don’t think you need a permit to shoot at this awesome park that is handicap accessible. Pros: Pretty fountain has a brick step for layering bridal party, Decent shade, handicap accessible, Pretty flowers. Cons: Fountain is quite small. Sometimes the fountain is turned off for no reason.  Click here to see more photos

Friendship Park Conservatory
Friendship Park conservatory

Friendship Park Conservatory Des Plaines park district: Is Located at 395 Algonquin Road Des Plains IL. It features indoor and outdoor botanical gardens. It is like a tiny version of the Chicago botanical gardens. It is great because it can be used rain or shine because there are beautiful plants both inside and outside. There is even a little gazebo inside just for wedding photos this is great when it is raining, but you still want photos with plant life. Wedding photos come out great here. Pros: Rain or shine use, beautiful flowers and plants, gazebo for wedding use. Cons: I think permit is required. Check out some wedding photos here:

Veterans Memorial Fountain Niles,is located on Milwaukee and Touhy on the NE corner in Niles. It is kitty corner from the Niles police station. This fountain features a beautiful white water fountain that is about 30 feet wide and there is a sidewalk in front that has plenty of room to pose people. The fountain is made out of limestone and is a great place for photos. Pros: Fountain is pretty and wide for great shots for big groups. Cons: Little or no shade.

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