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Short form wedding video Vs. long form wedding videos.

Long Form Edited V.S. Short Form Edited For Chicago Wedding Videos. (There are advantages and disadvantages to both forms.) A Short form wedding video is usually from 15mins to 1 hour long in length. The unedited version is sometimes supplied separately for viewing in its entirety. The wonderful advantage is that, you don’t have to sit through all of the boring parts of the video footage. It is like watching a movie of your wedding day, capturing the drama and beauty within a tightly edited form. The music is usually mixed in with the ambient audio. Typically, short form videos are out of chronological order of the wedding day. There are there are some companies that put all the scenes in chronological order. Short form videos take longer to edit than long form and are generally more expensive. Long form wedding videos are usually between 1 to 3 hours long. All of the scenes are edited in chronological order. It starts with a pre-ceremony section. The selected music mixed in with the ambient audio. The ceremony is in its entirety. There are chapter points to the processional and vows that make viewing more efficient. The post-ceremony section is set to music and ambient audio .The contents of the post-ceremony consist of the picture session on the altar, park footage and cocktails at the reception. The reception includes all of the speeches and important dances.Interviews with the bridal party can be included because some people still like interviews. Long form videos can have a highlight, which could make up for the fact that it’s a long video. The highlight can be watched on Facebook  for everyone to enjoy. Which is better? It depends on the creative work of the videographer. It is advisable to hire a videographer with outstanding reviews, and finally, a videographer with a good personality to get along with everyone and the wedding photographer.




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