Chicago wedding photographer

Chicago Wedding Photographer – Professional Wedding Photography in Chicago

Chicago Wedding Photographer – Professional Wedding Photography in Chicago

MILESTONE DIGITAL is located in the western suburbs of Chicago in Glendale Heights, IL but can cover any event in the Chicagoland area and Illinois.

Here at Milestone, we always capture events with style and creativity.

Our photography package includes candid shots of those special moments, as well as traditional posed shots for family and friends.


The Advantages of Milestone Digital Photography

  • No re-order charge: The bride receives full resolution CD or DVD copies of the photographs, so they can print the pictures at location of their choice. This will save the bridal couple thousands of dollars on re-orders!
  • Bridal couple own rights / copyright privileges to all photos.
  • We offer big discounts if you also book your Chicago wedding video with Milestone Videos.
  • We use Advanced lighting techniques such as “bounce lighting” and “slow shutter” whenever possible to give flash photography a more natural look.
  • We do photography using natural light whenever possible to give your wedding photos a natural look.
  • Our 26 plus years of experience enables us to know the best shooting locations throughout Chicagoland and Northern Illinois.
  • We will not stop your guests from taking photos of our poses with their own personal cameras like other wedding photographers.
  • Instead of having only one conventional “proof book”, out-of-town relatives can be sent a CD “proof book”, from which they can request or print their own photos.
  • We have a unique, fresh posing style and will not over-pose you.

The Advantages of our Chicago Digital Wedding Package over Film-Based Photography:

  • We shoot all the photos in high resolution over 10 mega-pixel resolution modes; we don’t use the lower resolution modes..
  • The ability to shoot hundreds of photos without reloading film so we never miss a moment
  • Can shoot black & white photos, adjust light sensitivity, and color temperature with the flip of a switch instead of switching cameras.
  • The ability to instantly see the quality of the photo and show customer the pictures taken at any time during the wedding.
  • Our professional SLR digital camera has no shutter delay, enabling us to capture precise moments.
  • Easier archiving of photos than awkward and bulky negatives.
  • Photos are automatically in chronological order.
  • Digital media is easier to crop and retouch exposure problems.
  • Customers can make their own prints using a computer and printer; some of these photos are guaranteed to last over 25 years.

The Advantage of Our “Film-Based” Chicago Wedding Packages:

  • Film handles extreme contrast better, like a shot in front of a sunset.
  • Film is still converted to a digital CD-ROM for easier archiving than old fashioned negatives.
  • Photos can be computer-printed and retouched just like the digitally-shot photos.
  • Film is more forgiving than digital photography since the resolution of film is lower.
  • Customer receives the photo negatives as well as a CD-ROM for classic prints

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Besides Chicago weddings, we can also photograph all your special events! 

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  • Dance Recitals

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