Photo Albums

Magazine style photo Albums are 12″x12″ Standard with most 10 hour wedding photo Packages. They hold 60 full sized images. Heavy weight Paper pages, white or black leather cover, or photo cover.

Optional Lay flat Albums $150 to $200 additional instead of magazine album. Albums come in 6″x6″, 8″x8″, 10″x10″ and the super sized 12″x12″. These albums lay flat when opened, pictures can span continuously from one page to the next. These albums come in a custom box and are custom designed to look incredible. $150 upgrade for 10″x 10″ album $200 Upgrade for 12″x12″ album. Parents additional albums are $75 for 6″x 6″ are  and $100 for the 8″x 8″ parents album. Here is an example of a designed album done online and approved by the bride and groom. Click here to see the photo album preview


another lay flat album